New Agreement Recently Made between Virgin Games and

Virgin Games has signed an agreement with and, a provider of video content technology.  The deal made between the two companies will be profitable for both and consists of Virgin Games providing video services for every single one of its gaming platforms.

A press release that was released by Virgin Games stated that by introducing new video content technology it will create a more interactive and user-friendly experience for its customers, enabling customers to view video previews of slots games prior to playing them.

Regarded as one of the leading companies in the video technology industry, has worked with a number of distinguished organizations that include media companies and e-commerce groups.

This past September, Virgin Games had given its gaming websites a facelift, updating them to provide the latest functions and a more attractive look.  The incorporation of new video technology content is another one of the steps Virgin Games is taking in its continual efforts to upgrade its sites and improve its players’ gaming experiences.

Neil Bluhm Predicts $427.8 Million Earnings for North Shore Casino's First Year of Operation

On August 8th, 2008, the organization headed by Chicago Billionaire Neil Bluhm is predicting that the North Shore Casino that he wants to take over will produced $427.8 million in revenue during its initial year of operation, more than $65 million than the amount that the Pennsylvania State Gaming Board is predicting for the casino. But the estimates of Pittsburgh Gaming Holdings, the organizations formed by Neil Bluhm to save the North Shore casino, are smaller than the gambling board financial suitability group estimates for the slots facility for the next four years.

By the fifth year, Pittsburgh Gaming is predicting that the revenues will be $100 million less-$507.4 million compared with the gambling board's figure of $611.6 million, based on five thousand slot machines. The revenue estimates were released on the gambling board's site. Pittsburgh Gambling is predicting an average slot machine wins of $361 million a day in the 1st year, based on an average of 3,250 slot machines.

The gambling board estimated an average of $306 a day, based on the same number of slot machines. It is not yet known why the two estimates are different. The gambling board said that all of the estimates were based on 2009 dollars.

The bigger estimated revenues in the first year could help Mr. Bluhm's organization with Wall Street and in its financing. Rating agencies had expressed concern about the amount of credit involved in the $800 million project and whether the casino would be able to produce enough revenue to meet their obligation.

As part of their takeover plan, Mr. Bluhm's organization is planning to invest $170 million in equity in the casino project. Don Barden, who was unable to secure enough financing for the project, was planning to borrow all of the money needed for the casino.

The Pennsylvania Gambling Board's financial suitability task force had estimated in 2006 that the Pittsburgh casino would produce $482.8 million in its stabilized year, but those estimates were based on 2005 dollars.

New Administrator Announced at this Critical Moment of Slots Talks

On November 1st, 2007, If Gerald Joy was hoping for a little relaxation, he might have chosen the wrong job after his retirement. Joy commented that he was ready to give up his job in facilities management at the University of Maryland. David Nedved introduced Joy as his successor as the gambling administrator for Allegany County during the meeting with the county commissioners.

The decision comes after one of the most controversial issues in Allegany County Gambling history. The issue is whether new gambling machines that does not utilize preprinted ticket-it has the capability but it will be up to the player to acquire a ticket after each game-can operate within the bounds of the law in Allegany County.

Both examples of gambling machines function similarly and look like classic slot machines. But gamblers are playing with a set deck of cards of predetermined casino games. But with the slot machines, the chances of winning or losing are only by chance. Country State's Attorney Michael Twigg issued a statement in July that a slot machine manufactured by the Platinum Gambling Corporation, complied with the requirements by the Annotated Code of Maryland had decided that the Diamond Games Machines are legal.

The difference between the gambling machines is that it issues a ticket after each game. Nedved commented that the company possesses a patent on that feature of the machine. The Platinum Gaming Corporation will only issue a ticket after twenty five games or when the player chooses to end a turn. In September, the County Attorney William petitioned Twigg to reconsider his stance within 30 days.

Twigg refused to do so and since rescinded his first view about whether the gambling machines complied with the boundaries of law or not. That waiting period recently expired. Nedved said that he had no choice but to pass another application for two similar slot machines manufactured by Pace-O-Matic.

Twigg said that Nedved's decision to approve the two machines a big mistake. Both sides said that they will petition the court to make a decision. On Tuesday, both Nedved and Joy together with county gambling inspector Otto Artfitch studied machines at the Good Fellowship Club in Fort Cumberland Post 13 American Legion and Lucky Sevens.

The pair of gambling machines were connected to the same server. A gambler on one gaming machine was competing for the same prize as a player on the second gambling machine. Nedved do not agree that the sign was important but felt that it would function. But some people might not be willing to take their time.

Officials of the Diamond Games have applauded the decision by Washington County commissioners to not allow machines that do not utilize pre-printed tickets. But Steve Phipps of Platinum that Washington County only created a monopoly. He added that a court ruling will result in the favor of Platinum.

Nebraska Horsemen Petitions for Slots Installment at Racing Tracks (USED -

On January 31st, 2009, horse owners fear that their colorful history and the business that they love could sink without any additional help. Horse owner Megan Miller said that she truly loves her horses so she fears that if anything is not done soon, they could lose everything. Horse owners in Nebraska fear that the long horse racing history in Nebraska could end if they do not get some form of help soon. As Nebraskan legislators study a proposal that will allow slot machines at horse racing tracks, Fonner Park resemble a ghost town.

Those who make their living from horse racing were in Lincoln trying to make their case before the legislators. Miller commented that there are a lot of jobs that will be sacrifice if the legislature will not do something. Pro-slots groups argue that slot machines would expand gaming where it is already presents. Proceeds from the slot machines would be used for road projects, racing tracks and the horsemen. But gaming critics like Pat Loontjer of the Gambling with the Good Life group.

Loontjer said that if pro-slots groups expect to give $80 million to roads that means Nebraskans are going to lose $200 to $250 million on slot machines. Loontjer added said that she personally thinks that the American public is sick of bailouts and why they should bail out the horse racing industry when it seems that it cannot sustain itself. But horse owners said that horse racing industry traces its roots in agriculture. Legislators must now decide if they will place the issue before the voters.

New Android Games from Microgaming

Microgaming release eight new Android games and innovative new user interface.

Leading online casino games producer, Microgaming, has announced the release of eight new games for Android smart phones and tablets.

The Microgaming Android games will now use a re-vamped “swipe and tap” user interface, enabling players to operate the games using the touch screen on their device. This swipe and tap innovation is the best on the market and greatly improves the user experience.

Neill Whyte, Microgaming's Head of Product Channels, said, "Microgaming has always been at the forefront of mobile technology within the e-gaming industry and our 'swipe and tap' interface is yet another advancement which is set to delight both our operators and gamers."

Among the eight new games are magical King Arthur-themed slot Avalon, fun slot Ladies Night and female spy slot Agent Jane Blonde. Break da Bank Again, Spring Break, and video poker games Deuces Wild and Aces and Faces are the other releases.

The Microgaming games released earlier on Android include Mega Moolah, Thunderstruck, Roulette and Blackjack.

Microgaming is now working on further developments in the mobile arena.