The Miami Beach Casino software system was designed by MicroGaming Systems (MGS), the leading developer of Internet gaming software. PricewaterhouseCoopers has reviewed the results of the random number generator embedded in the proprietary software and confirmed that it consistently produced random numbers and is a fair basis for the outcome of games that have been played using this random number generator. Should you, as a REAL money customer, believe that the software is biased in any way, please contact us on [email protected]

ur member’s security and confidentiality is of the highest important to us.  To ensure safe transactions all credit card transactions are transmitted through a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology in encrypted form.  A proprietary security infrastructure ensures access to the system is restricted to authorized transactions only.

This infrastructure incorporates security into the software, including “Legitimate Transaction Verification” (LTV) codes, ensuring that your account information is safely stored by our ECash provider Sun CyberCash Inc. In addition, our sophisticated withdrawal and deposit systems ensure that only authorized members with valid transactions are able to access funds in their accounts.

We do not collect any personal information about our individual members unless it is voluntarily given. We do not sell, trade or rent any member’s personal information to any unaffiliated third party. Any personal information provided is used to further improve our customer service.

Should you, as a REAL account customer, for any reason feel that a particular transaction is biased, please contact our software and security developer: Microgaming for independent verification.

Should the audit highlight any deficiencies in our system, we will reimburse you the $50 audit fee and will advance you $100 credits at the casino.

We offer various ways to purchase E-Cash. Most qualify for bonus free play. All transactions are in US Dollars and are secure and confidential.

E-Cash sales are final. You may register up to 3 credit cards.  But you may only register a credit card in the same name and address as your User name. No incentives will be given unless the name and address is identical to the Registered User’s name.

Purchase limits are refreshed back to $2,000 availability every Sunday and Wednesday at midnight (Eastern time).

ECash purchases are processed by our ECash provider: Sun CyberCash Inc.  1-888-349-7752.

Credit Card Purchases

Please check whether your credit card company charges any additional fees for ECash purchased on the Internet. We do not charge ECash purchases as cash advances. However cash advance fees can be charged automatically by your card issuing bank online with Visa & MasterCard regulations.

Credit Card

Cashiers Check or Money Order

Wire Transfer

Western Union

Cage Deposits


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